Hand Painted River Rocks by Elvira García

Mexican Painter  Elvira García

I have a systems degree and experience in management and industrial selling, but now, I am pursuing  my artistic vein, painting rocks.

Since I was young I enjoyed drawing. In 1999 I took oil painting classes in Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil with recognized painter Christina Marquart. I have made some oil paintings for my personal collection.

In November 2008 I decided to begin with this painting project, inspired on Lin Wellford books and the beautiful works developed by Italian artist Ernestina Gallina.  I am a pioneer with this painting technique in México.   I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I do, and share this page with your friends.  

The stones I collect are from  nearby rivers, I love to go there for a family Picnic and sightseen. The collecting of rocks turns quite an experience once you began to see animals on rocks even before painted.

I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian.

I live in Monterrey, México and lived in Brazil  for almost 3 years.

Thanks for visiting my site and feel welcome to return any time.

 Elvira García

Mi curriculum en exposición Individual "Arte en Piedra" ITNL

September 2013,  Newspaper article. Monterrey, NL Mexico

Instituto Tecnológico de Nuevo León (ITNL) Internal publication